Relief from Child Support

At this time I am making $5700 a month and the ex is making $6500 a month. I am paying $400 a month in support. The split on time is 65%/35%. At this time she is living off $6900 a month and I have $5300 a month and to be blunt she is living a lot better than I am. It is my understanding that support is to maintain a life style and with that big a difference in monthly dollars there is no way I can keep it similiar (she is complaining I have not taken kids on vacation, but when your broke it is tough) I tried to explain and shows numbers to her and she basically said too bad you should have been paying me more before. Is there anyway to get some relief on this area as I am having a hard time reconciling this difference and her only goal from day one has been to see if she can break me money wise. Her first offer on divorce would have left me $900 a month to live off.

This analysis really requires financial affidavits, but you could file for post separation support and alimony. There isn’t much of an income difference between the two of you. Child support is what it is per the guidelines. You can find a calculator for child support here: