Relinquishing parental rights

Let’s see… the court WILL enforce the father to pay child support, but they WON’T enforce visitation. Seems a little skewed doesn’t it? The father can relenquish his parental rights but depending on the states laws, he may still be obligated to pay the support unless the mother agrees otherwise. Chances are, she has no intention of giving up her monthly “dadfare” check. If the father was granted visitation, he can file contempt of court charges when she refuses the visitation, but it will never be enforced by any agency. Good Luck.

When are the men in this country going to stand up against this abuse?

We need to get organized! We need to fight! The future of our children and our country are at stake here!

How is the best way to put and end to it? Stop using lawyers! They are just overpriced paper pushers! They do not care about you! They only care about their monthly deposits!

If there is no profit in divorce, then the system will fix itself!

Get educated in family law and fight for changes to those laws!

Most states have initiated fast track divorces because the courts are so clogged with cases. Cases are not getting the attention they deserve and the children are the ones that get screwed! A divorce should not be allowed unless both parties agree or, if some type of abuse is prevelant.

I cannot believe that our fathers and their fathers spilled their blood for this country to have it turn out like this. When will it ever end? When all those young men of divorce stop getting married after going through their parents divorces maybe! Lets hope that they learn from their experiences.

Sorry, but I just felt like ranting a little bit :slight_smile:
I know these things will never happen but, I can dream can’t I ?


Sometimes ranting helps.I suggest you look into a fathers rights group like father’s for justice. A lot of times they have a lot of free advice and some of the people there have been through much worse than you or I.

Thank you for you input. Yes the system is a little harsh when it comes to the fathers rights. Its a shame, because there are allot of good responsable fathers out there that are getting the shaft in the family court system.

The worst thing about the system is that it is perfectly acceptable for a family court judge to put a father in the position that he is financially destroyed. Federal law says that 60% of your income can be forfieted for child support. Who the hell can live off 30% of what they make? If the child support is supposed to be for the welfare of the children, how does financially ruining one parent “improve” their living conditions. I was very close to being the guy under the overpass. I went about 6 months living off $600 or less a month thanks to the “fairness” of family courts and the SOCIALISTS at NC Child Support.

A child is born in the state of California without the knowledge of the father. The mother moves to Texas with the infant and then files for childsupport. The father is forced to pay, but the mother is not allowing any contact with the child and said child, who is 5 years old now, has not been told about his father in California. The fathers hands are tied on enforcing visitation because the mother and child are in Texas. The father wishes to relinquish his parental rights to the child, is this possible and if so how would
he go about doing this.