Relocating to NC

I am relocating to NC this summer and need to know if I should change my venue to NC instead of NJ. I have been divorced for several years but I am now putting together a new visitation agreement for the relo. Some questions I have is at what age does the NC courts allow child to voice there preference in visitation ?? We have joint custody with alimony and child support paid by my ex. Will I have to now pay support also when we relocate to NC ?? What about College tuition, is it split ?? We also have a final restraining order in place that I plan on keeping .
thanks for any help in advanced!

New Jersey will have continuing jurisdiction over the child custody order until neither parent or the children live in New Jersey. If you ex is staying there New Jersey may not relinquish jurisdiction to the North Carolina courts.
Technically children do not have a say so in any custody determination, however judges will occasionally hear from the children (in private without either parent present) though a child’s wishers are not determinative.
Your move will likely increase child support, as the children will be with you more, the move itself will not affect alimony.
Courts in NC will not order either parent to pay college tuition unless they have agreed to previously by contract.

thank you for your quick reply

You are welcome. Best of luck!