Divorce from another state

If you move from NJ to NC and stop paying alimony…not child support, alimony what if anything will NC do to you?

The NJ order can be enforced in NC. More likely however, is the chance that the payee in NJ will file a motion in the courts there to enforce the Order.

Thank you for your reply. Would the payee have to come to North Carolina to enforce the NJ order? I wouldn t think a NJ court has jurisdiction in North CArolina. The situation is that I moved to NC and can t afford my alimony any longer it is 30K per year I m only earning 60 here. Im ready to lose my house over this. My NJ lawyer said it was a voluntary change of circumstance and I would be wasting my time trying to get a reduction. If I sent less money It would help me. My thougt was if she came to NC to force the order could I get a reduction in a North Carolina court.

The payor is subject to the NJ order, and simply moving states does not destroy NJ’s jurisdiction to enforce the order.