We both moved out of NC can I lose my alimony?

Ex husband is military, moved to different state after our divorce was final. His legal home of record is TX, and I am now preparing to move to TX. TX does not have alimony, and due to the length of our marraige I received permanant alimony upon divorce here in NC (until I remarry (I won’t be cohabitating) or one of us dies), so if I move back to TX could he legally petition TX courts to have my alimony stopped? My friend and her husband divorced outside of TX, then a few yrs later they both moved to TX and he filed to have alimony reduced to nothing and won.

In our separation agreement it did state that all future marital issues would be resolved under state of NC - but don’t know if that is significant or not now (at the time he was threatening to divorce me in TX so he could avoid alimony, so I wanted to lock him into NC and so my attorney put that in and he signed it).

Texasgirl :slight_smile:

No, the NC order is valid, and will be enforced in Texas pursuant to the full faith and credit clause of the U.S. Constitution. You will need to register your alimony order in Texas when you move.