Removing property

ex has been gone for 18 months got divorced in May of this year and still waiting on court date for ED,he has not paid his share of the mortgage or repair bills on home since he left, what is his legal responsibilities concerning our joint debts? Also can he come back anytime and get things on the property he left behind at this point. He also bought our son a car for graduation and is saying he is going to come and get it because it is in his name, can he take a gift away from his son like that. Do I have the legal right to prevent him from taking the car away from his son, a response soon will be greatly appreciated as this may happen soon in itself

You should receive credit for the marital expenses he hasn’t shared at final equitable distribution.

If he returns to the home after he’s setup residence elsewhere, and you’ve told him not to come back, then he could be arrested for domestic criminal trespass.

If the car is in his name then he can probably take it away.