Request court transcripts?


Is every court proceeding transcribed by a court reporter? If so, can I get a transcript of my recent court hearings? Do I need to go through my attorney to get it…or can I get it myself?

My ex testified in one of our court hearings that he had NO KNOWLEDGE of he and I signing the property deed into “both” our names (the land WAS in my name only and was on my prenup, but in order to refinance, the bank required us to add his name to the deed - unbeknownst to us till later). Now my ex is arguing that by adding his name to the deed, that I GIFTED that land to him. I think that if I can get a copy of the transcript admitting in court that he knew nothing about his name being added and the fact that he asked the judge for a recess so he could go to the Register of Deeds office to see for himself if his name was indeed on the deed…then I would have a stronger case.

Would this be credible evidence …and is his testimony in court something I could use to fight back against the “gift” claim?

Thanks again Erin for your INVALUABLE advice.



The court will have a transcript of your hearing, and you may request if from the clerk yourself.

I think his admission will help you, as at the time of the transaction it was clear that you did not intend to gift the property to the marriage, and he knew it.


One more question please…I picked up the form to obtain the court audio record, but on the form it says:

“These audio records were created using a sophisticated electronic recording machine that records at half speed on four separate tracks (one for each microphone in the courtroom). This recording will NOT play on a standard recording or transcribing machine. A transcribing machine designed for these recorders must be used to play the tape and to transcribe the record”

Do you know what kind of machine I would need to listen to the audio? OR (better yet) if I submitted the audio as “evidence”…would the judge be able to play it back in the courtroom on their machine?

Thanks again for your invaluable advice Erin!


I have no idea what type of machine is used, I am sure there is a way to convert the recording, and would ask the clerk for advice on how to do this.


I have obtained audio copies of court transcripts on several occassions. The first one I received had a label on it for a website where I could download a free copy of software to play the recording. The software will allow you to play the recording at varying speeds to make it easier for someone who may be transcribing, but also plays at normal speed.

I don’t remember the name of the software, but if you call the clerk they should be able to tell you of a software.