Request for Modification of Child Support (Non-Custodial)

My husband has a 12 year-old daughter that the mother just told us about 6 years ago. Since then, the mother has been difficult and after 2 years of keeping the girl on regular visitation, the girl did not want to see us anymore. We have had little contact with the mother other than when she reviews the child support. Next month, the girl will be 13 and we want to request a modification of child support prior to the 3 year period. We also have had a baby since then, I have become unemployed, and the mother went and sent us a $1500 orthodontists bill that we have to pay in 4 weeks without any notification, decision making authority, etc. even though our court papers say she has to consult with my husband on Major dental issues.

Our question is, the child has ADHD and bipolar disorder. The mother is claiming she still needs after school and summer care. However, at 13, I would find it hard to believe that she needs this care. Plus it is her grandma we are paying to supposedly watch her. We want to file a claim for a motion to modify to remove the child care, add on my daughter as a dependent for us, and add the orthodontia expenses in as an expense for a monthly payment. What are the odds a judge would grant this for us given her psychological circumstances?

It appears your husband has have several substantial changes which related to what he is paying in support. I believe you may seek a modification at this point.