Requirements with visition with STBX


MY STBX has visitiation with our daughter every other weekend (or atleast when he feels like it). So far on two occasions he has had her in the vehicle with out a child safety seat. She is 4 and still well under requriments to be in a child restraint. I was not around either times and was told by my daughter and which he later confirmed. He also has a 2 bedroom apartment which he shares with a room mate. When my daughter visits she does not have her own space (room, bed etc). She sleeps with him in his bed. I was understanding in the begining, but we have been apart for 13 months already and he still does not have a bed for her to sleep in. II am not confortable with this situation. My attorney told me to send him a letter and state my concerns - which I did 4 months ago. He keeps saying he doesn’t have any money and he is doing the best he can. Is there anythign I can do about his visitation rights? Is there any law in NC which states a child must have there own bed/space? What about the seat belt issue is there anything I can do when I am not around.

I would also like to add that he is currently owes almost $10k in back child support and does not seem to think it is a problem. I am working with the court system but it is taking a very long time.


There is no law that states that a child has to have their own bed, however you can bring this matter to the court’s attention and allege that your ex cannot provide an environment that suits the child’s best interests with respect to the lack of accommodations, and the child safety seat.