Restraining order and allowing communication


My daughter’s husband was abusive and threatened her and their 2 year old with a knife. She filed a restraining order on him and he was charged with domestic assault and child endangerment. Two weeks later, they began communicating on texts and she allowed him to come to the house in the middle of night. He is an E3 in the US Army. He is now threatening to tell this to the judge and risk 6 years in prison, dishonorable discharge and a child neglect charge on my daughter. Can she be charged with this and can the child be removed from my daughters care? There have already been home checks and CPS has agreed that my grandbaby is safe, but if he tells this info, what can happen?


Your daughter needs to abide by the terms of the restraining order that she obtained, especially if this person can put their child in danger. However, I don’t understand his logic that he could have the child taken away from her just on the grounds that she allowed him entry to her home while the restraining order in place. A more realistic outcome is that if she continues this behavior it could present problems if and when she tries to renew the restraining order.


Thank you very much for your answer. All turned out well.