Restraining order


If my wife had a restraining order against me and 10 days later I had to appear in court.

What would be the procedure to stop the restraining order until you could have a hearing for separation of bed and board, so I could move back into the house?


You cannot stop the restraining order. The hearing will take place and that will be your opportunity to tell the court your side of the story. If the court finds that there is no cause to issue a restraining order you will be allowed to return to the home after the hearing.


My wife file a restrainer order and separation from bed and board a year and a half ago. I took a letter from my doctor to the hearing. My attorney showed the letter to the other attorney and the hearing was postpone. The next hearing was a year and a half later for separation from bed and board and restrainer order. Both were dropped in court.

I did dismiss my attorney and was wondering how he get more time? I am looking for another attorney and just wondering how he did that?


It sounds like they asked for a continuance.