After 1 yr Restraining Order

My spouse was issued a restraining order for 1 yr and I believe he is planning on moving back. I suspect this because he is refusing to sign the settlement agreement even though it is written as he requested it. [b[u]]My question is, does he have the right to move back in at the end of the 1 yr period (January 2012). We both own the home together and there are no children involved. I will ask for an extension of the order because I will be filing for divorce in January as well. I don’t know if this helps my position but he plead guilty to threathening me and was ordered to take anger management. He also violated the restraining order by stalking my home and again he plead guilty. He was given a 60 day suspended sentence and ordered 1 yr supervised probation.

No, he cannot move back in the house without your permission. You should also make application renew your restraining order if it has not yet expired.