Retain a Lawyer?

My wife of almost 20 years advised about 2 months ago, she wanted me to move out and we should be separated. Since that time I have started to work on the issues she says I have and need to address. (alcoholism - quit drinking, dry now for 58 days, diabetes-seeing my doctor and getting it under control, not being there for her emotionally and stress in the house-seeing a marriage counselor weekly, and trying to connect with my family emotionally.) My wife is seeing the marriage counselor now as well but separately. She says she has not contacted a lawyer yet but has researched what all it takes for a NC absolute divorce or divorce from bed and board. I have not contacted a lawyer yet, this is my first contact, but I am curious if I need to have an initial consultation with a lawyer to learn and find out what my rights are so as to protect myself and family (daughter-17, son-11).

I want to take the right steps to heal our marriage, and I think my wife does as well, but she is not sure that all the changes I am making are permanent and will only last awhile then I will revert back to my old ways. So I believe she is working on a bed and board divorce and will have me served soon with it.

Thank you for your time.

There is no harm in going for a consultation with an attorney to discuss your case even if you are working on reconciliation.