Retirement/separation agreement

Marital property stops accruing at time of separation, we only divide the assets that existed on date of separation. However, military retirement that is not vested on date of separation, but later does vest, is eligible for division.

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My husband is active duty Army.(15 years) We got married 18 Nov. 1995. We have not legally separated, yet. One of the few things I will “fight” him over is my “half” of his military retirement. As of right now we’ve been married 9 years/8mths. Should I wait until after our ten year anniversary in 4 months to drop legal separation papers or will it not matter with regard to his retirement? I would hate to think that only a few months could make the difference. I get confused on what the year separation means in NC. Do you stop counting being married before the separation or only after? I hope this is making sense.

Neither of us has moved out of the house, yet. But my husband will be moving to another state for military purposes in the next couple months.

thank you…