Revisiting Custody


I read a post that sounds a ittl like mine. I have a case tha was also heard n Nov.2010 and I also don’t feelmy lawyer did alot to help me. In my case there were aligations of my husband wh admitted i ourt to taking baths with my then 5 yr. old daughter with doors locked and playing games in the bath tub with her. He tried to accuse me of sexual impropriety of which was unfounded. I had been working two & sometims three jobs along with going to school. When the baths were first reported is when he went and got an expartee order for my three boys. By the time it went to court, I had finished school and was teaching at the school that I had graduated from. The only thing is I worked two nights a week until 10:20pm at night. Anyhow the judge ended up ruling joint custody with my husband having primary dwelling.
I had all four children tat following weekend having to turn our daughter over to him for primary dwelling that Sunday. That day one of my sons came to me upset. He stated that he was scared of what would happen once his sister got back over there. He stated that his dad couldn’t handle things then. He then lifted his neck up and stated that “dad did thi to me”. I saw finger print marks on his neck. It wa reported the next day after receiving advise. I felt like I was dismissed by the detective who told me that this was a custody issue and that I couldn’t be calling over every bump & bruise and he thought the boys were just jeleous that their sister was back in their dads life.
The judge set a date to reheard custody, but it has been postponed twice and I am waiting for another court date to be set. I’m having trouble trusting what we call the justice system.
There is so much moro this story. I sometimes feel I am on another planet.
Is there anythin I ca do to get this case to court any quicker? I’m also not sure that I trust this judge.


Absent an emergency there is no way to have the case heard before the date it was set.