A Cause for a Divorce Judgement Review


just a suggestion, If you want a response to your post(especially from a attorney) you must go directly to you questions. There are alot of questions on here for the responding attorneys to read. Yours is entirely to long to read.


I feel your pain liberty, I read what has happen to you, maybe you need to talk with a criminal lawyer, it seems criminal to me how you were connived against and there does seem to be fraud, concealment and
coercion, I really don’t know, this is my first time here and I’m not a lawyer I’m just a woman looking for answers myself just like you.
I can guess you were a dependant wife married to an alcholic, I was too, when he got sober he pleaded I not divorce him too, he locked the doors and threaten to kill me also if I hired a lawyer to take away his house that I scrubbed and clean for years.
God bless you liberty


My lawyer has told me to get a second opinion, she tells me I am time barred and if I don’t agree with her, to get this second opinion.
She knew for a year what was going on, she waits a year later to tell me there isn’t a thing she nor I can do and it cost me 50$, here my problem.

When my daughter was 7, winter of 2000, my hubby and I were still together, she seen her dad ontop of my best friend, she told him what she had seen and that she was going to tell Mommie he emotionally blackmailed her, he threaten he would take away the very thing that gave her 7 year old heart pleasure and not wanting to lose what her dad was threating to take away, she held his secret for 4 years, when she remembered what she had seen she told me, she was 11 when she recalled.
When my girl told me all that she did, it clicked and clicked and clicked, I bounced off the wall for days, I had all the missing pieces to the puzzle that just never seem to make sense to me, I often wondered what happen between me and my best friend to cause she such rage toward me, now I know.
For a year I waited to get this case started, thinking and reliving the seperation, it has been a nightmare and now my lawyer tells me I am time barred.
I keep insisting my child was a minor when it that happen to her and she was still a minor, also my child was seeing a Child Psychiatric, she had a friend who was kill, it blew her mind, I went looking for her some help to get her through the nights without nightmares and screams. Doctor said she had a mental block, reason for her bad school grades, the friends death happen before the blackmail,
could that had caused her to forget, what she had seen her daddy do and remember later.
She was being abused by hubby’s new wife when she remembered, please don’t think I am minimizing my girls abuse by omitting details,that’s when I hired this Lawyer to get my girl out of that house, 8 months of court and she is still in that house. I am as poor as a church mouse and he is burning up what little money I can give this Lawyer,
from day one he has railroaded me.

Could it reverse my divorce judgement what he did to our daughter,
statute of limitations is tolled on the grounds of fraudulent concealment and denial of wrongdoing is affirmative act of concealment sufficient to toll statute,
wasn’t blackmailing my daughter fraudulent concealment or something related to it.
Ill will, and spite are for the purpose of injuring another and that has been the entire point, anything to choked the life out of me. I have to pay child support, I live below proverty, I haven’t paid in 2 years, don’t have the money but I do give everything I have to my child, her dad is the slack one, she’ll be 13 this April and she cries wanting pretty clothes, the shoes, purses all the pretty things that helps you to feel comfortable and confident.
Had she told what she seen, it would had blowed him to kingdom come, instead I was blowen to hell and back over and over and over.
For a year, I had asked that man for a seperation and for a year he refused,he lived in a bottle for 19 years, last 3 was spent on a vodka binge, that was when it became too unbearable.
It wasn’t like a could ask for a seperation and expect to get it, we both knew there was alot to lose and I knew he wasn’t going to let go easy, it had to be mutual because I knew he would fight tooth and nail and I just didn’t want to fight, I simply wanted out and to be left alone. I didn’t see where he had much of a choice, but still,to get him to that point, I didn’t know how to do it.

I agreed to see the counsler he chose, the counsler told him a seperation would be for the best I had made up my mind and there
was no changing my mind.
He told my then hubby, “write the check and let her go”,
I could not believe he said that, I was embarrassed, I wanted nothing but my baby girl who was 7 years old at the time and what was fair.

He swore to destroy me, I didn’t think he could do it he didn’t have anything against me, I hadn’t done nothing but take care of my family I was simply a wife and Mom.

When he realized I was just about out the door with our daughter in my arms and he literally expunged me from my home out of sheer desperation to get and keep whatever he thought was all his and his alone.
He bellowed and he roared out threats he would kill me deader than hell if I called 911 on him, if I made statements or filed complaints against him, he would burn me down where he found me,
I had to deal with him and if he found out I had talked with a lawyer, my Mother would find me floating, he had the “POWER” and I had better
do what he wanted me to do or else I would find myself homeless and penniless.

He refused me any help with money, I had to sign his papers first then he would give me money for food, I could not sign them, they were lies and he wanted my child, in his words, “I’ll kill you before a give you a dime for support”.
All during this time he was sleeping with my best friend and she was telling him everything he had ever wanted to know or wondered about me.
There isn’t enough space on this message thingy to go into how he sheer terrorize, threat and harrassed me, wanting me to sign his papers and I just could not do it and I never did.
His threats were nothing to laugh at, my car hood flew up in my face one morning taking my girl to school, I learned from my daughter he broke in to my house several times, had remove or miss place things
wanting people to think I was losing my mind so he could play his mental card like his dad did his mom, peeped in my windows, it was bad and got worse.
And no, I did not dare call 911, I had seen that barrel of his gun to many times to know he would use it.
Neighbors and friends knew it was possible he would hurt me, he had done it many times, I did what he ask me to do and he jacked me.
I was damn it I did and damn if I didn’t.
He lied to my parents to kill my only resource,so not to have money to hire a lawyer and take care of myself and my girl til I had a settlement, they turn their backs on me, I want to stand infront of a Judge and tell how he lied and used the court system to ill gain,
he abused it.

In 2003, hubby was awarded everything including my girl, for 25 years I stood by his side the last 3 years he lived in a Vodka bottle when it became to unbearable I wanted out and was punished to proverty for it.
My best friend that he conspired with, wanted me dead and told me
she would not stop til I was dead, you would have to have the details as to why she thought I was the cause of her losing her 30k contract, ex hubby played her and lied to her and slept with her to learn what he could.
I knew she didn’t have anything awful on me so I didn’t worry about it.
Now I know, her lies has cost me my life, between those two they striped me and raped my life and they live happily ever after,
while I stand in a church line waiting to get food, something just ain’t right.
There has to be something I can do to get justice, she and him can not do to me and my children what they have done and get by with it They gave no reguard to the dangers they put me in when I was expundge from my home into the steets penniless.
Have you ever jumped up and spinned around to go to the bathroom or wherever and stepped on the toe of your sock, stumble and fall, I keep stepping on the toe of my socks.

Trying to condense 20 feet of details into 6 inches cuts out vitals
let me end by saying
The Holy Spirit told my Mama 2 years ago there would be another judgement and I have believed in His words, finding out what I have
is a miracle, He didn’t let me find all this out and not be able to do something, I even found out hubby slept with my baby sister, just to learn what he could and she stole my mail, when my court notices came that my case was being heard, I recieved no notices I lost my property, Judge said I abandon it.
I have had to deal with alot and I can’t seem to get any place.
It’s a monstrosity of lies and deceits, that he has created and I am trying to survive it it had tossed me from one end to the next, I need for this madness to end.

Here are my time frames
Seperated 2001 Divorced in 2003 my girl told me what she knew in November 2004, I retained a Lawyer 2005.
I am desperate, these people can’t do what they have done and get by with it, the mental anguish they have brought down on me and my children is uncomperhensable, I didn’t have a dollar to buy my oldest sister a flower when she passed away.
There has to be justice for what he has caused, I miss my baby and she misses me, we live 100 miles apart and it kills me that I am not with her everyday, she started her period October, I missed out!
It was a day to celebrate, instead, it was treated like a regular Monday, she’s missing out as long as long as this man keeps her tettered to his post she will continue missing out on the pretty clothes and pre-teen comforts.
Please be my second opinion.
Oh, did I meantion I called his lawyer first to represent me, he decline after I gave him my 20 minute spill what all was going on and what I expected from a settlement, he says it isn’t so, I am a liar and I can’t prove it.

It would cost me 1000$ per cell phone bill and I can’t remember if it was August or September and too my lawyer said it being so long ago the cell phone company might not have a record any longer, I know it is the truth and I know I talked to him on his cell phone, he called me the day after I called his office.
Oh did I also mention, I found a job and was fired days later after I seen his lawyer there playing golf, I left and never picked up my check, it’s still there that I am aware of.
Thanks again, Liberty