SAHM needs advice

Dear tired1:

Greetings. You are entitled to alimony, but probably only a limited amount for a short duration due to the length of the marriage - but that may change based on information about your marriage.

Since he makes more than $200k per year, you would calculate child support based on the reasonable needs of the minor child…deviating from the child support guidelines. Your husband is in correct that you would get “next to nothing.”

If you want to prepare for an eventual separation, make sure that you take and maintain copies of the income information that you have for him. You can give the copies to a family member, your attorney, or a safety deposit box. Thank you.

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I have been with my husband about 8 years (married for two and a half years)and have a 14 mo. daughter. I am strongly contemplating divorce. My husband is very emotionally abusive and has been physically abusive before(I reported the last time to the police). I had a successful career before we got married and then became a stay at home wife/mom after we got married. I couldn’t really have a career because I had to follow my husband’s. We live in NC half of the year and another the other half because of his job. He makes a considerable amount of money. 1. What I entitled to being that we have only been married for two years? 2. How would child support be calculated being that he makes way over $200k+ a year? He says I would get next to nothing. I hope this is not the price that I have to pay for leaving my career to support his. 3. If I do decide to do this what should I do to prepare because he can be very sneaky and even told me that there are “ways” around his income being shown. He has the ability to get some high priced lawyer. He even went as far as to say that he could put money in foreign accounts which I think is ridiculous but could be true. I suspected him cheating in the first year of marriage because he was making all these phone calls to two particular women, but in speaking to a lawyer was told it was not enough evidence for cheating. I am really afraid because I don’t know the laws protecting myself and daughter. Please give me some legal advice. Thank you.