Same sex divorce

Hi. My wife and I decided to drive to my hometown in Maryland and get married in May 2013 and separated November 2013. We actually haven’t seen each other since. Needless to say that didn’t last long. When I went to an attorney at that time, same sex marriage was not legal in the state of north Carolina and I couldn’t file in Maryland because you have to meet residency requirements. So that attorney was told by a judge that we could literally walk away from each other like it never happened since it wasn’t recognized here, but now it is and I need to know if I file here, will it apply in Maryland as well? Do I even need to file? We never had any property or children or anything tying us together.

You do still need to get a divorce; you are still legally married until you get divorced. So long as you have lived here for 6 months you meet the residency requirements to file here. Feel free to use our DIY Divorce eBook to guide you through the process.