School problems

Is it possible for your son to attend an “After School Program” ? I was not comfortable with the 13 year old staying home considering her budding interest in all of the older teenage boys in our neighborhood, so she goes to an afterschool program. She said she was embarrassed the first few weeks that she went, but now she loves it… her homework gets done (no more weekend trips to the library for research!), she has time to socialize and play sports, and it getting some great tutoring for free. She is also developing solid friendships with some VERY nice kids… no coincidence, I think, considering that their parents care enough to make sure they are engaged in constructive, structured activities after school. Luckily in our school district it is only $50 per month, I understand that in other districts it is considerably more. You might want to look into it.

Perhaps you could post a note on their school bulletin board seeking rides? Some stay-at-home moms would love even a bit of extra cash, and it would likely be less expensive than a taxi…

I have a 50/50 split with my ex and yes I think its a joke too but until things change this is what we all have to do. I think my ex is going to move about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away I think she will loose her custody when she does this this will be to much on the children and to add to the matter the children do not want to stay with but until then have to live with this.
I agree with Marybeth have you tried other programs maybe there is something afterschool this should help.
Hope the best for you

I have joint legal (joke) custody and 50/50 time split. My ex and my son have decided he needs to go to a public school next year. “They” chose a school that is out of district, so no transportation will be provided for my son. I teach school and my son previously attended the private school where I work. Now, with this situation, the parents are responsible for the child’s transportation to and from school. The “new” school dismisses at 2:30 and I have to remain at work until 4:00 each day. There is no way that I can pick up my child from school on my custodial weeks. I don’t know anyone at all who goes to this public school either because it’s not our home district school! Anyway, none of this matters. My ex is taking me to Court over this on Tuesday and I have been subpoenaed to bring my child to Court. The principal of the school has also been subpoenaed. I guess so this complete stranger can tell the Court that this school is the place for my son to be! With the way things have gone for me, I will get no understanding from the Court that I am a single, working parent with employment obligations. I don’t know what I am going to do since it is impossible for me to get my child from this school. I guess I’ll have to send a taxi for him 5 days a week. Used to be, if parents couldn’t work things out, then the kids didn’t get to do it. Now, the kids are telling the Court what they want and the Court will just tell me, it’s your problem, lady. If the school was in district, then he would have bus transportation.