Seeking place to gain insight

Does anyone know of a forum where people can go to vent and seek advice? This website is wonderful for legal advice, however, the emotional side of it doesnt seem to be that active. I am experiencing all possible sides of the divorce/custody process and desperately need a place to vent honestly and safely ask for constructive criticism, not to mention… advice!

I think one of the reasons the “Emotional” forum is not utilized as often is because most of the time, people post all of their issues in the Legal forum instead of dividing up and posting in more than one place. I have seen some post in all three forums to get responses, advice and suggestions for different stages or areas of the process.

Venting is always welcome, if you’ve read any of these posts you know it is often done. And most of the time, if someone needs suggestions on coping or someone to relate their own experiences, that is usually done. The most immediate issues are usually legal, so people look there first.
As to whether or not there are other sites, I’m not certain but you can try North Carolina Divorce Online and also Fathers 4 Justice. I’m sure there are others…