Self made sepertion agreement


It seems that although my wife is the destuctive party that wants out of the marriage, she has all the control and I must take her “amicable” aggreement. Anything I add or want , im told is imposing on her. The aggreement would seem fair but the money does not exist to have two households and she refuses to let finances keep her from setting up 2nd household. While I have the house and two children, I make less money and will have more bills staying in house. The mortgage is more affordable than most apt’s rent. My kids go to parochial school and our tuition is subsidized in the form of financial aid. She has it written into the sep agreement that the kids will continue at the school until they graduate or we can’t afford it. I firmly believe that she expects them to leave the school at the end of school year because of affordability. I would like it re written that the children will attend until they graduate, Period. The only reason that it may not be affordable is because of her choice to leave. What can I do to make sure they keep their school. I believe she should feel some responsibility for her actions and get a second job if neccesary and keeping them in our school a priority. What might I do to protect my childrens right to stay in the only place they know. Thanks


the truth of most separations is that it is usually impossible for both parties to maintain the same standard of living as they did during the marriage, and sacrifices must be made. I can understand your concern that this should not happen at the expense of the children. Consider adding the children’s tuition into the child support calculator as an “extraordinary expense” and see what each party’s portion should be. If you and your wife can’t come to an agreement about the terms of the separation agreement, you may have to use a mediator or go through the litigation process.