Sep. agreement


Once it becomes an order she can’t alter anything without filing a motion, and she has to have a compelling reason to do so, not just because she wants to yank your chain. Therefore, make sure you have as many details in the agrement as possible–holidays, daycare, extracurricular activities, etc.


Your attorney probably alreadt ask these question, How much she makes on her job? how long shes been on her job? can you afford the house by your self? how much debt did you have when she left? who has to pay it? did she leave because she cheating? My opinion only: as men we will guickly jump on a proposal to make it easier for the woman and we don’t wanna drag it out but If the shoe was on the other foot she would try to make you misserable, don’t get me wrong if the proposal is good for you then great and in not saying make her life misserable but make sure you got everything covered. If I may ask how many kids do you have. 1 question. Do you think it would be that easy for you if you had left?


hi im having my attorney draw the papers up monday so my wife can sign them but i have some questions im going to ask my attorney but was just wondering for now.(she walked out on me and kids after 15yrs, marriage)

she has agreed on the following
1.full child custody
2.child support 120 a week
4 belonging in house
5 keep health and dental on kids

my questions are after she signs agreement can she
1.alter sep. agreement
2.alter child support
3.alter custody
4.basically alter anything in the sep. agreement?


Thanks for any help
broken hearted