Sep. Agreement vs. Absolute divorce


I filed a separation agreeement, and soon will have my absolute divorce finalized.

There is one item from the agreement that the other party has not complied with, involving the transfer of a car title. I know that I can file a breach of contract, but if I didn’t want to go through the hassle of another court expedition, would it be legal to just let her have the car (the title and all documents/payments are still in her name) and move on? I really just want this to be over with, and I’m not about the expense, time, and stress of continuing things in court. Thanks.


You may agree to anything that is not contained in the agreement. Since you are the one turning the car over to her you will want to ensure that she is solely responsible for the car and any liabilities arising therefrom.


Thank you so much for the prompt reply.

This is a load off my shoulders.

Just as an aside/just in case…what if she does not want to agree to take the car (I have ensured that all liabilities/responsibilities are solely in her name)?


If she does not agree to take the car you will need to enforce the agreement to transfer the title.