Separated - Do I get my own Place or Stay at Friends?


I’m Separated from my STBX.

Outside of the money I will save by Staying at a Friend’s for a month or Six,
What are the Pros and Cons to Staying with a Friend vs Getting my Own Place ?

My concerns:

  1. Will my children be allowed to visit me if I do not have my own place ?
  2. Does a Judge prefer the father to get his own place or try to save money by staying at a friend’s ?

I am recently separated by “force” (DVPO), and I still paying all the Utilities, Mortgage, Bills, Debts, as I am not allowed to talk to my STBX.
SO I can NOT afford even a One Bedroom Apartment (for now).

( soon to be “ThankGodI’mFree!” )


Your children will be allowed to visit so long as the environment is safe and a proper place for children, however it would be best to get a place of your own and provide a nice environment for your children on your own as soon as you can afford it.