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I seperated in July of last year and did so with a DV Protection order in hand. We now have a temp parenting plan that was set in December. My ex came into court and requested I not be able to allow my children to form any relationships with anyone in my life that may be of the opposite sex. Here is my issue. I was moved to this state back in 1991. I don’t have any family but my youngest sister who is in the midst of a complicated pregnancy right. I really don’t have a lot of friends because it was just to difficult to try and make friends because mostly anyone I met seen the type of relationship I was in and didn’t want a part of it. I did meet someone and even though I know it is real early for me to be back in a relationship the fact of the matter is that I am. Due to all the problem I have encoutered during my divorce process I am in a situation where I may need help with my living arrangement. The person I have been seeing the past 6 months has offered me and my 5 year old a room at his place. We are still waiting for Family Court Services to do their investigation but that won’t happen until June a year since seperating. I know he could file a contempt of court if I do this but I need to know what the odds are that the court will find in his favor. The person that isn’t supposed to have contact with my son has no criminal background and has two children of his own that he has four days a week. In addition I had to contact CPS to investigate an issue that I recently discovered while talking to my youngest son having to do with both children. My other question is do the courts care that if I stay in my current living arrangement I run the risk of going further in debt and possible eviction?