Separated While Pregnant

What really matters in this situation is what is in the best interest of the child. This is the standard a judge will apply. Anything that is relavent in coming to that decision, the judge will consider. From what I know of your situation, having a friend that helps care for your son doesn’t seem like a problem.

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I was dating a man and found out I was pregnant. Within a few days we were married and I moved in with him. It was a mistake getting married so quickly, and things weren’t working, so I moved out within a month (with his encouragement).

I later signed a separation agreement and we lived separately the entire time of my pregnancy. The father did not participate in my pregnancy at all. After the birth of our son, the father did not come to see him. Then, after two months of no attempts at visitation, he decided to sue me for custody.

While I was pregnant, I had a male friend who was helping me by checking on me and making sure I was okay. After the birth of our son, my friend sent an angry e-mail to the father (without my knowledge) about how he hadn’t been involved through the difficulties of my pregnancy. My friend claimed that he had cared for me and the unborn child like it was his own family.

Could this email be used by the father to try to prove adultery? How can I prove that the other man was nothing more than a friend who had made sure I was okay and a friend that just happened to be male?