Separation agreement confusion


Although I am not sure of the second part to your question, I do know that the property settlement is not final until divorce. My husband’s ex took almost everything when she moved out and came back to get more. In the final settlement/child support/custody agreement, she still ended up getting a truckload more. She even asked for a few more items the day after those final papers were signed. By this point my husband didn’t care what she wanted, he was going to give it to her, just to keep the peace. She thought he owed it to her. I didn’t let him though. I made sure that he understood, if he gave in now he would constantly be giving in to her just to make her happy. In my opinion, as soon as she moved out and started sleeping with someone else, that was his “pink slip” for the job of making her happy. He relunctantly agreed with me on this and is glad that he didn’t give in to everything he wanted. Remember, you need to think of your own future because it sounds as if that is what she is doing.


This is a 2 part question and I am open to anyone’s ideas, thoughts, etc…My wife and I became legally separated (signed and notarized) in Feb. 2006 and as I very much wanted to save the marriage I signed an unequal agreement. Essentially, she told me if I wanted any chance at saving the marriage I had to sign the agreement even the distribution was heavily weighted to her and one that I believe no court would have ordered. (1) Do I have any chance at challenging the agreement since she proceeded to have no interest in saving the marriage and we are now proceeding towards divorce? (2) In the agreement, I agreed to fund a number of our investment agreements over the next 12 months and upon the 1 year anniversary of the agreement I would transfer the accounts solely to her. She recently sent me 2 emails offering that if I were to transfer the agreements to her now, she would no longer require me to fund the accounts. I agreed and started taking the steps necessary to transfer the agreements. She just came back to me on Friday and said no, she had spoken to her lawyer and said that she made a mistake and that even though she consented in her emails, I would have to continue to fund the accounts. As I would really not like to continue funding the accounts, am I still bound even though she stated that I could discontinue and then changed her mind? thanks for anyone’s input.