Separation Agreement - One More Question

I am writing up a separation agreement using an online template. In the template, it asks for the date of separation. My husband will be moving out in two weeks, but we are executing the agreement next week. Should I use the actual date he is moving out or the date we are executing the agreement? Since it will be notarized, I wasn’t sure if the date of the signature had to match the date of the separation. Thanks for your help.

Bumping to get an attorney reply. Thanks!

Date of separation is the date you begin to live separate and apart with the intent to discontinue the marriage.

I understand. I am just trying to find out if a notary will notarize the document today if it states our date of separation will be June 8th. Do we even have to state the date of separation on the separation document? Is it enough to say we agreed to the items in the agreement on today’s date?