Separation Agreement?

My husband and I have been separated for over a year. During this time we have split all our assets and we are both happy with the division. We have a young daughter whom we have worked out a visitation schedule and payment agreement which again we are both happy with.

We are both ready to move on and file for divorce however, we did not have a separation agreement written. I would like to make sure my soon to be exhusband, pays for any unforseen costs associated with out daughter such as uncovered medical costs (godforbid). Would a separation agreement be necessary to have written up if it is only going to state the aforementioned or could we both sign some other form stating such.


You can and should enter into a separation regarding the issues of child support /medical expenses. You may enter into such an agreement at anytime even after the divorce. Child support and child custody issues do not expire upon divorce and can be modified throughout the child’s minority.