Separation agreement

If your wife

My wife and I married June 28, 2008. We have had problems with her ex, divorced since June 25, 2007, fulfilling terms of their Marriage Separation Agreement. Many items came to light when we attempted to purchase a beach house, owned by him, but allowing purchase by her when she re-married.

After careful review by me, he seems to pick and choose which articles he wants to abide by. For instance, all marital debts were to be satisfied by him after Absolute Divorce. A year and a half later, a $10,000.00 debt on a joint credit card, rife with late charges, over-limit fees, and finance charges, adversely effects her credit rating.

This probably qualifies for Breach of Contract, and we probebly need to go ahead and secure legal assistance, but since I am from South Carolina, all the NC laws are foreign to me and I am seeking some direction as to which way to go.