I plan on using Rosen Online for my separation/divorce. Is it ok if my spouse doesn’t get an attorney and just wants to review the site? He insists we will do everything amicable.

Can I move out before we have finalized our separation agreement? And during our 1 yr separation am I required to let him come on family vacations? I know it would make my kids extremely happy if he goes with us on our first trip to Disney, but I don’t think I should feel obligated.

You can certainly do things amicably and allow him to review any documents you have drafted. He can use our website as a resource as well.

You can move out before you have an agreement finalized, but it is sometimes better to have the agreement in place first, especially for child custody. If there is no agreement/order on custody then each parent has equal custodial rights and it can create conflict if you disagree on what the schedule should be.

You are not obligated to include him on a family vacation.