Initial Consultation?

What does the Initial Consultation consist of?
How long does it last?
Can you come in for the Initial Consultation and then use Rosen Online?

Do you determine Child Support at this time? Alimony?

Is the Separation Agreement written at this time?

I’ve seen your pricing and financially I could not even afford your cheapest prices.
If I separate I will be struggling just to pay her and for me to also survive. So even the Online would be a struggle.
How long would I need to maintain the Online?
Could I use it to start the separation, file everything I need and if she agrees to everything, not need it again until after the 1 year separation?

Would you need to cancel the Rosen Online? Or are you only billed if you use the service for that month?

Usually initial consultations are there for you to explain what you need, the general gist of your marriage and what they can do for you.

Things like separation agreements & alimony are negotiable with the other party (or their attorney). They aren’t black and white documents that can be unilaterally decided upon. Child support is easier as there is a calculator but can still be negotiable as well.

You should see if you can amicably work with your future ex to iron this stuff out. Attorneys – though valuable in high conflict cases – are REALLY expensive.

An initial consultation allows you to tell one of our attorneys your situation, ask questions, and we respond by informing you how we can be of assistance.

Yes, you can have a consultation before using Rosen Online. It may be beneficial to have a consultation before using the online service to get a game plan based on your set of facts.

No, we do not draft agreements during the consultation.

Yes, you can limit charges based on your activity. You can turn your online services off and on as you need them to avoid charges in months when you do not have any case activity.