Wife has already written up separation agreement

Is it best for me to take it to an attorney to go through it with me? Would it be appropriate to take in to an initial consultation? Would I be able to make changes to the agreement and have attorney advise on doing this with rosen.com online? Thanks

You may take the agreement with you to an initial consultation, and an attorney would be able to provide a limited review of the same. I say limited review, as the time frame for an initial consultation usually does not allow for a full and complete analysis of the martial estate, depending on the assets and debts the parties have.
Many folks find that they can successfully complete the process of negotiating and drafting a separation agreement using our online system, you can find out more about that service and if it is right for you here: rosen.com/online/

Do you have a template for the separation agreement? I did not see it thanks

You can locate our sample form through this link: Sample Separation Agreement.