Rosen Online

To take advantage of the Online Divorce process, do both parties have to participate, or is it OK for me to use Online while my soon to be ex-wife continues to use her attorney. I am being charged large sums of legal fees with very little work or communication taking place. I would like to be able to fire my attorney and leverage Rosen Online Divorce. Sounds like a great concept, as I have already documented the Custody Agreement and the Financial Settlement for my attorney. Of course, he charges me for the time to prepare the document even though I gave it to him. Thanks.

Yes, you can use Rosen Online while your wife continues to use her attorney. Both parties do not have to participate. You will be handling your case and drafting your own documents but you will have the guidance of the Rosen Online resources and an attorney that can answer questions that arise. It sounds like you have already taken the initiative in doing this and so Rosen Online may be a good fit for you.