Did you put her there


LOL! No, SHE put me there. I was in the hospital after a near death heart attack from the stress of living with her and her PMDD. When I went into the hospital after going unconscious while driving down I-40 and being taken to the hospital via ambulance, she changed the locks on the door and claimed I had moved out. After the hospital called her several times to notify her of my condition she finally returned the call and as I was lying there near death her first and only question to me was “did you take my laptop” !!! We had been married a whole 6 weeks at that time and it was her second lock out and threat of divorce. The previous one was 28 days before.


Oh ya, certainly can. Use that as the date you seperated…


What about the “malicious turning out of doors” doctrine? Wouldn’t that apply since I had not moved into a separate residence with the intent to continue living apart from one another?


Dear Powerpro:

Yes, one spouses’ hospitalization can be used as the date of separation, as long as one spouse had the intent to remain separate and apart (regardless of which spouse had the intent). Thank you.

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Can the date of a spouse’s hospitalization be used as the date of the start of separation?