Seperation Agreement a "joke" to ex - next step?

Prior to seperation we had a lenghtly (20 pages+) agreement drafted and notorized by an attorney. In it were child support and alimony provisions as well as how the tax refund would be divided and new years filed, and of course parenting agreements (me sole custody with open visitation mutually agreed upon). After signing this it became clear that he thought this was just a joke and nothing legal. He is pretty much paranoid and crazy most of the time and says we switched this oneon him (of course he read and was read to him and spent 3 hours going over it the night before we signed and was notatrized). At first he said their was no way he was paying me money then agreed to pay about half of what was agreeed upon and writes on his checks “alimony/ child support”. He didnt want to pay this month because I “stole” half of his tax refund (mind you its a tax credit pretty much since we are lower income) even thought it clearly stated I take half.

I tried to make this as amicable on all levels and make it work for both of us as much as possible in our poor financial situation (im currently getting unemployment after losing my job a week after I told him to get out). He says its not fair he take his money to pay when my mom is “rich”…she should be the one paying =0 Attorney says we can proceed to a court order but of course I need a retainer for that and I would have to borrow and repay on someone else credit card for that which i really dont want to do. What is the best way to have wages garnished. Should I just go social services and pay the $25 fee. Will the follow the agreement or need to do a seperate judgement (we followed the guidelines based on income). Or should I bite the bullet and go down the road of fighting like so many others do? Is there anyway to make alimony he agreed to enforceable. I tried to make this work but the emotional issues on a daily basis were too much for myself and toward the kids and to end it all i found pictures of him cheating on facebook after being bombarded with jealous rages on his behalf for years (which i never did) and even found out he had sent love letters and flowers to my own mother…to make it totally jerry springer.

If you have a contract for support then your recourse is to file for contempt.