Seperation and Divorce Questions

Oh i forgot to tell you that there are no children involved.

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Dear jonathane:

Greetings. First, I would need to sit down with you and go over the marital situation in more detail before I could tell you if are responsible for paying alimony. As far as debts, yes, both parties are responsible for debt made in either name, as long as the debt was made during the marriage and for a marital purpose (which is very loosely construed). Your spouse is also entitled to half of the vested retirement benefits accrued during your marriage. Best of luck.

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I seperated from my wife about 2 weeks ago and we are going through a uncontested seperation. The seperation papers are still in the works right now. I have a diabetes and have a insulin pump to control my blood sugars. Recently in the past two months i developed anxiety and depression. I have been to conseling by myself to find the source of the problem. I also went to see a brain doctor and she told me that i had a moderate case of depression and anxiety and the cause was coming from the marriage. The whole time i was in constant conversation with my wife on this issue and i told her that i might have to leave to help fix myself. Well i left and both of us wants a seperation. There was no cheating involved but alot of lies about money. Since i have been out of the house my health has improved drastically and i feel very well. We were married 2 yrs and 10 months and have settled our differences about the property. She is wanting alimony and part of my retirement. We both have the same college degree, i make about $10,000 more than her, i gave her the house and all the furnishings, and the only things i took were my personal items. The only bindings between us are the mobile home, cell phones, and one personal loan that i have agreed to pay. She has her own personal loans and credit cards solely in her name. Am i responsible for paying her personal debt? Alimony? Retirement?

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