Seperation Question


You are separated as long as you are living in different residences and he does not stay the night at your residence.

You can get temporary custody through a DVPO if he has been violent recently. You can also go through an attorney to do that, but that could get expensive.

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Dear marinewife_atrop:

Greetings. Yes, you are legally separated even if he is living just next door with a friend/neighbor. Yes, you can file for emergency custody. Thank you.

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I have a big question…

My husband and I had a fight a week ago and I left the house and came back a few days ago. He is in the military and I guess started the seperation process…well my question is this

He is not staying at our home but at the neighbor’s house right next door to us, is that still considered seperation? It seems kind of odd to me that it would be seperation if he is right next door.

Also I was wondering if there is such thing as emergency physical custody of a child? I am afraid he is going to take our 22 month old daughter, he has a temper and history of domestic violence, is there a way to legally prevent him from taking her?