Once you and your spouse are no longer living in the same home, and at least one of you intends for the separation to be permanent, you are separated. You do not need a document that says so. However, if you and your husband are drafting your own separation agreement, then you would need to use the ACTUAL date of separation.

Yes, you must wait the full 12 months to file for divorce. If you don’t and present a complaint that has a false date of separation, it is perjury. Not only can you face criminal charges, but then your divorce will not be valid.

Adultery is a crime in North Carolina. As long as you are still married (even if you are separated and have signed an agreement), you can still be in danger of not only committing a crime, but losing alimony (if you are receiving it), and possibly an alienation of affections against your significant other, or cirminal conversation. See our website for more information.

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In NC do you have to have a legal seperation done by a lawyer or do you and your husband just pick your date of seperation? Do you have to wait a whole year for the divorce? And if you are legally seperated, can you date someone else? Thank you, Courtney