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Isolated incidents of sexual contact do not toll the running of the 12 month separation period. So, unless you and he were scheduling times to get together on a regular basis, it should not affect you getting a divorce at the end of your separation period. You also did not have to file a separation agreement to be legally separated in North Carolina. Once you’ve started living apart, with the intent to remain apart, you are legally separated. No document is needed. You can file for your divorce once the 12 months have passed. You do not need his consent to file. However, you will have to make sure he is served with the complaint before the court will enter your divorce judgment.

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My husband and I seperated a year ago next month. while I am completly ready for the divorce he is still not wanting it. we did not file a legal speration agreement but I have lived with my mother for 11 1/2 months now and he has lived with his mother. as a matter of fact he spent 2 months of this year in prison. I am scared to file for the divorce and he is threatining me by saying he will tell them that he and i have had sex during this year. He feels this will stop this divorce and break the speration. Can he do this?