Serving a Subpoena

I am now representing myself and have completed two subpoena’s and had them signed off by the court clerk. The first one I will be mailing out of state to his employer requesting wage and compensation information and will be sending this registered/certified with return receipt. The second one I will have served locally (by a friend) to his financial group requesting 401 k, I.R.A, etc statements.

My question is do I deliver a copy to his attorney with the return service section left blank, do I wait for to receive the return receipt make a copy and attach, or do I serve the subpoena on his attorney? Also, I have the same question for when returning the subpoena to the court. Your help is very much appreciated.

I found the answer to my own question. I understand that I need to file a affidavit of service by certified mail form (I have this form) with the court and need to complete a certificate of service form as well. Now I just need to know where I can find a certificate of service form and a affidavit of service form for the subpoena I had had delivered. Thank you.

We have an affidavit of service form available on our website. A certificate of service is simple form that is attached to every pleading filed with the court to indicate that it was served on the opposing party. If you need assistance customizing these forms for your situation, you should consider using Rosen Online. We can provide assistance with forms and answers to your detailed questions for a monthly subscription.