Serving Internationally


My soon-to-be-ex-husband moved to Scotland after the separation and our divorce is a mutual decision, so it is not contested and we are on friendly terms. I’m trying to figure out the best way to serve him with the least amount of hassle. From what I read in other posts, I can serve him via Fed-Ex, but are British notaries recognized in the States (for the paperwork he must sign and send back)? He will actually be visiting my area in a little less than 2 months and we are planning to meet up, and the paperwork I received from the Self-Serve office (I live in Mecklenburg County, by the way) has option #1 as both parties meeting at a notary’s office to sign the paperwork. However, I keep reading things about how you can only serve via certified mail or sheriff. This has me very confused. Would I save a lot more time having things mailed back and forth vs us both meeting at the notary during his visit in 2 months and him taking the signed paperwork to the courthouse?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


You can do it either way. Either send it through FedEx or you can wait until he comes back. If you want to do it now, there should be a notary at the embassy which he could use, if not, the foreign equivalent will suffice. I recommend you get an original of the document to file.