Serving Summons-how must defendent "respond"


A summons and complaint need to be filed with the court at the clerk of court before they are sent certified mail to another party.

When the other party signs to accept certified mail then you will receive notification back. Make sure you hold onto this, so you can prove the complaint was served in the future.

When you ask for a court date is dependent upon the rules in your county. Ask the clerk’s office for information.

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Hey all,

I am serving summons on my spouse today via certified mail. I an unclear on just what they must do, in order to properly “respond”. It sayd they have to a) just send it back to me (?), and b) file with the court. What does “filing with the court” enatil, for them? What exactly must they do, such that I can go ahead and get a court date? Any help would be much appreciated!