Sick and Tired.... Another Question

Never leave the home unless ordered to do so by the courts if possible.

Get a lawyer! You should be able to find one that will request that he pay the legal fees.


If the mortgage is in joint names you are both responsible with respect to the lender. However, the whole point of the alimony and property division laws is to sort these issues out. Go meet with an attorney and develop a plan of action.

Good luck.

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Another question…
I can’t file for Divorce until have been seperated for a year- right?
So, If I leave the next time he tells me to leave and go live elsewhere, am I still responsible for paying half the mortgage until Divorce? He can’t afford the whole amount alone and my name is on it too. I don’t want my credit ruined because of him. How does that work? Is this when I should go and get a seperation agreement? If so, can I do it now? (provided I have somewhere else to go)

Thank you for your replies. They really do help. I’m confused with all this stuff. It’s so easy to get married and so damn complicated to get out.[xx(]