Sick and tired

Can U find someone looking to share expenses on an apartment?
Are there any children involved? If not, you can file for divorce and then give him he option of buying you out of the house. Or sell thehouse and split the equity. The courts will usually force the sell anyways.

If, he is not willing to make changes and wants you to leave, then go ahead and accomodate him and yourslef and start a new life for yourself. If, you see no future there, then don’t stay.


No, there are no children involved.

Another question…
I can’t file for Divorce until have been seperated for a year- right?
So, If I leave the next time he tells me to leave and go live elsewhere, am I still responsible for paying half the mortgage until Divorce? He can’t afford the whole amount alone and my name is on it too. I don’t want my credit ruined because of him. How does that work? Is this when I should go and get a seperation agreement? If so, can I do it now? (provided I have somewhere else to go)

Thank you for your replies. They really do help. I’m confused with all this stuff. It’s so easy to get married and so damn complicated to get out.

I have been married for almost 7 years. During all this time, my husband has been smoking dope. He has promised that he would quit and or try to quit. I have seen no effort in any attempts to do either. The only thing that I have seen is that, now, he trys to hide it from me. (Like I can’t tell when he’s HIGH) There is also the fact that he has no drivers licence. It was revoked for DUI years ago before I met him. I have tried and tried to help him and encourage him to see about getting a hearing to get it back. He acts like he really doesnt care.
My husband is 44 years old and acts like a child. No cares about our future and how we will survive when we retire. He has no savings what so ever. We have seperate bank accounts and he allowed his to become in default and had it closed. He hardly speaks to me or even spend time with me. He would rather spend his “free” time with his friends or in front of the computer playing games and chatting with others.
If I try to speak my mind about these things to him, He gets extremely angry and yells at me to the point that its scarry and makes me very afraid.
He has told me numerous times that if I am so unhappy to LEAVE!!!
I can’t live like this anymore. No future, no life,alone, afraid,unhappy and hiding his drug addiction from family and friends.
My biggest concern is our home, which is the only thing we own together. If I leave, where will I go? How can I afford half the mortgage payment AND rent on an apartment?
We live paycheck to paycheck and we split most of the bills including the mortgage. I am afraid to leave, partly in fear that he will get everything that I have worked just as hard for. Please help me. It’s time for me to move on if I am to be happy.