Signing of records/filling out application

Dear Gramma:

Greetings. Yes, he may end up using this against her. Maybe she should file a motion for parent coordinator to assist the parties. This would help to solve a large majority of the issues you have raised herein. Thank you.

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Please help. Recently I relinquished custody of my granddaughter to my daughter, her mother, thinking I would have lost in court to my granddaughter’s father when he tried to take custody from me. After relinquishing custody to my daughter, the father went after her in court to take custody from her. This was all finally settled in lawyer’s offices. My daughter has physical and legal custody, the father shares legal custody with her. Since this occured, October first, he has taken many opportunities to undermind my daughter by signing report cards that happen to go home on his day for visitation (he gets to pick her up from school on his days), last week it was the emergency notification form changing the emergency notification from my daughter to him, and indeed putting a wrong number on it for her. This week it was filling out a permission slip for a field trip, putting the money in the envelope and sealing it (this was unheard of from him in the past). Last week he visited a private/public school open house we’d invited him to last year and he refused to come, like the school and filled out an application for their lottery (he was aware my daughter had this application filled out already at home to bring to this school). I keep telling my daughter to change each and every one of these things, that even though they share legal custody and he has the right to sign, she needs to sign first. I don’t trust him at all, and feel that each time he fills out something and signs it he will use against her as I’m sure at some point he will go to court, say she’s not a good mother (again) and say “see, I’m always there to take care of signing all her important paperwork”. Can he in actuality use this against my daughter? I keep telling her to not trust him, he’s hurt us badly, and she is of a mind to ignore it. I’m frightened for my granddaughter, whom I raised and love dearly. Please help. Thank you.