Sleeping separatly


Does sleeping in separate rooms qualify as being separated.


Sadly, no. The only way to begin the required separation year and day prior to filing for divorce is for one party to leave the marital home and begin living separate and apart from one another. The separation “clock” begins that day.
Staying with a friend (same sex) or family member for that year is an easier way to work out the equitable distribution without having to fully pay for two households. Especially, with the way things are nowadays, it may be easier on the person who leaves the home and also help out someone else by paying rent to them…


No, North Carolina does not recognize “constructive separation”, and separate residences are required before the period of separation begins.


Yes you have to live in separate place but if you have sex occasionally it doesn’t start over the year but usually you don’t want to otherwise you wouldn’t be getting a divorce. I think divorce in other states is much faster and simpler but you usually have to live there for a while so you can’t just move there and just get divorced.