How to file Seperation


No you have not been seperated at ALL. In order to be seperated in NC you must live in seperate addresses. Differant parts of the same house does not count. You do not have to file papers to seperate; one of you just has to move out. Since neither of you wants to walk away from your child (good) then you could look into buying townhouses right next to each other (just a thought) That wall and mailing address would be enough.



My husband and I have not been sexually together in a year as of 08/16/06 and have not even slept in the same bed. We basically live in seperate parts of the house. We have a seven year old son that neither of us are willing to walk away from, but it’s time to move on. Can I use this time apart as part of the one year seperation before divore, or do I have to file papers through the court? Thanks in advance for your help.