Sole custodiy question

I have sole custody of my daugther . My new husband just recently received military orders to Japan . My ex has not seen my daugther in 6 years but he says I need his permission to take her to Japan . He lived in CA and I live in NC . Do I need his permission if I have sole custody? I looked at my sole custody papers and it doesn’t say legal or physical . All it says is sole custody.

I have a similar problem with one of my kids. I have to get permission from my ex or from the court, since my moving would interfere with his visitation ( my ex hasn’t seen DS for 3 years because he is in the Army) Apparently you can move where you want but the child may have to stay with the other parent.

I am about to have my husband adopt DS so we won’t have to worry about those things. We will soon be free to move where we’d like! Good luck!

If you have sole custody of your child and your ex has no visitation rights you do not need his permission to move.