Spouse lied on marriage license


What can I do? When we got married (my 1st, my spouses 3rd), my spouse lied on our marriage license (13 years ago), indicating SINGLE/NOT MARRIED. Approxmately 1 year into our marriage my spouse filed for divorce from the first marriage from an ex that resides in another country. I also found out that there was a second marriage to a Florida resident, which I believe did result in divorce prior to our marriage. I would be the 3rd marriage and now with my eyes open to the lies and multiple indescretions, have pulled myself together and pursuing a separation/divorce. My spouse is not aware of my plans at this time. Clearly, our marriage has been a complete fraud laiden with infidelity and betrayal. I am trying to understand what my options are. I am concerned because I have been told that in NC, if married over 10 years all property is to be divided… all US property (realestate, auto/title, etc) has been and are currently in my name ONLY, however, some of this property was acquired while we were married. Help, I am about to loose everything to an unfaithful and untrusworthy person. We also own property in another country but that is only in my spouses name and not sure what authority/jurisdiction US divorce settlement agreement will have and how it will be viewed or enforced in another country.


When a marriage dissolves the martial property is divided no matter what the length of the marriage is. Any property owned prior to the marriage is not divided and remains the separate property of the spouse to whom it belongs.

In this case your marriage was never valid, and was void from its inception, and there will be not Equitable Distribution of property, and all property will belong to the one whose name the title is in.